Bit-Tuner : DROME EP

St.Galler Tagblatt
"Bit-Tuner ist es gelungen, eine neue Klangästhetik zwischen Dubstep und Glitch zu schaffen, die weniger sperrig, luftdurchlässiger ist – und nichts von ihrem charakteristischen Ausdruck eingebüsst hat. Angefangen mit dem traurigen, ja bedrohlichen Synthesizer-Riff in «Fucked Up In Space» über das beklemmende Ambiente in «Nuclear Silence» bis zur wabernden Wucht im finalen «Full Bass Bonus», entwickelt «Drome» einnehmende Intensität. So sehr das Werk an den Synapsen zerrt, den Stücken liegt eine innere Ruhe und Ausgeglichenheit zugrunde, die die Platte zu einem Genuss machen.

Bit-Tuner ist ein Meister der elektronischen Klangarchitektur."

- David Gadze

Chain DLK
"The petrified stern face standing out on the cover artwork’s makes resurface to my mind one of the most iconic fictional character of the notorios L.Frank Baum’s Oz books I used to read when I was a little child, the Nome King, so that my mind started to find any possible similarities out with this astonishing proof of sound ballistics by the Swiss producer Marcel Gschwend aka Bit-Tuner and the fearful antagonist of Oz villains! Even if I cannot be sure Marcel doesn’t like eggs (if you’ve seen the Disney movie adaptation of that story, you’ll arguably remember the Nome King was killed by an egg, laid by Billina, the nuisance-hen Dorothy accidentally brought in Oz during his second travel in the emerald city!), his style, a juicy hybridization of ill-bient, booming dubstep and experimental hip hop, sounds rocky like the cells of any gnome and dim like the obscure underground hollows where they use to dwell. Another feature of this stony civilization consists of their habit of hiding jewels. Well, this could be undoubtedly a controversial point as you’ll unlikely deny his skills in melting styles in a turgidly psychedelic way by mining authentic gold from previously drilled soils (especially in gorgeous tracks such as Traffic, Anger or Dizzer – what a guessed title! -), but you’ll notice Bit-Tuner is inclined to bury the nice harmonics he assembles with layers and layers of heavyweight basslines or thrilling samples (I appreciated the sci-fi nuances of tracks such as the final Full Bass Bonus or the clocking abrasive dubstep of Nuclear Silence). Really bewitching stuff, which is potentially going to daze the listener…especially if related to some Oz stupidly happy villain!" - Vito Camarretta

Official Press Release
"After his last Album "Low-Speed Detonation", his 6-Month Residence in New York City and the Development of his mesmerizing "Pitch-Bass" the next Release "DROME EP" is ready to take off. Futuristic Hymns, Tons of Bass and Beats under the Influence of Gotham City intensify his cineastic Athmospheres in 8 Tracks." - Trepok

Eiko : Crocodile

Official Press Release
"Crocodile sounds like an afro shaolin's answer to slash - u can expect an ideoplastic voyage into shifty beats, luscious electronica atmosphere and nordic melodies. Futuristic soundscapes with a dash of Basswalls, the occasional vocal of joana aderi and a nodding acquaintance with downbeat, disco and pop (Swedish division) come together to make an album that stands distinctively and proudly on its own." - Trepok

"Richtig spannend wird es mit "Crocodile"(Trepok Rec.) von der zwischen Oslo und Zürich pendelnden MelanchoBrachialElektronikerin EIKO. Manchmal fast wie eine wütende Björk , dann wieder versöhnlich und zuweilen auch nordisch-düster gibt es hier in einer guten halben Stunde mehr zu entdecken als auf vielen (längeren) CDs arrivierter Artisten."

Bit-Tuner : Low-Speed Detonation

Andrea Ferraris for Chain DLK Music Reviews
"Never heard anything about this guy before, but seeing it was on Trepok I had great expectations since the swiss label has had a hell of a good taste so far. Squared, hard-pounding rhythms with reminiscences of break beat and hip hop, an in "your face" electronic approach and some acid sounds and melodies to make the trip more enjoyable. Every sound is sharply shaped and compressed as much as it needs to reach the boombastic quality. A release like that could also be really close to some of the last years' artists on Mike Paradinas' label (sometimes it also reminded me of Kid Spatula). For what concerns arrangements don't think we're in front of one of those artists obsessed by hyper structures, Bit Tuner is much more absorbed in sound definition that's why the compression is always turgid like a pair of tits petrified by a wander bra. Rise your hands for the master of ceremony!!! Thumbs up!"

Jan Willelm Broek for Caleidoscoop
"Bit-Tuner produces a blood-curdling beautiful, sometimes terrifying atmosphere that seems to be directed by David Lynch. The title of the album has been rightly chosen, because he makes slow music whith a destroying strength. Overwhelming and stretching to the last second."

"Bit-Tuner is the master of booming basswalls and sweeping noises. His beats are radical and though-minded."

St.Galler Tagblatt
"Der St. Galler Elektronik-Musiker Bit-Tuner, der in Zürich lebt und arbeitet, veröffentlichte letztes Jahr sein Debüt "Toxin" auf dem Hamburger
Umbruch Label. Nun erscheint bei der Zürcher Etikette "Trepok Records" der Nachfolger. Der Titel ist dabei Programm: "Low-Speed Detonation"
ist ein düsteres, mit Dubstep und Grime gewürztes Downbeat-Album. Über dessen schweren Beats und wummernden Bässen entwickeln sich
die Songs Stück für Stück zu spährischen Klanglandschaften, nur um im nächsten Moment die aufgebaute Spannung explosionsartig wieder
frei zu setzten und in sich zusammenzustürzen. Was beim ersten Hören als sperrige Kulisse aus elektronischen Klängen, Beats, Geräuschen,
Samples und Effekten erscheint, entpuppt sich bei mehrmaligem Hören als ein behutsam zusammengesetztes Kunstwerk, in dem jedes
Element den nötigen Raum bekommt."

Various Artists : Chronik I

Andrea Ferraris for Chain D.L.K.
"The fact is beside some steady tempo tracks, among the soft experimental sound and the post-ambient, IDM influences you’ve something that starts right where samplers like Warp’s glorious “Artificial Intelligence” left off, the comparison is addressed to those of you that are into indie-tronica, or to those who miss the soft touch of Warp electronic-ambient heyday. As you already know I’ve never been that much into samplers, but this an homogenous and relaxing listening, that’s exactly what you probably look for when approaching a various artist compilation like this."

Eiko's “Floating Through a Black Hole” is a neat shape-shifter that starts out in brooding electro-pop mode with a female voice emoting over martial snare rhythms and ends with an injection of disco-tinged flavour. In Bit-Turner's dystopic electronica piece, “Devil's Dance,” sheets of squalling noise batter a bass-throbbing pulse funky of design, and in Aito Takeshi's “Stattler & Waldorf” crisp and forceful beatsmithing underlay billowing electronic atmospheres and crystalline melodies—too bad the track comes and goes so quickly. Portuguese electronic artist Vitor Joaquim (whose Flow was praised by The Wire as one of the best electronic records of 2006) fares best of all with “Sunset Boulevard,” a slowly blossoming and gyroscopic swirl of voices, machine whirrs, and synthetic sounds."

Jan Willelm Broek for Caleidoscoop:
The tracks are exceptional. They build a superb overview of the contemporary European elecronic music scene and it's divergence."

Geiger Magazine
"Obwohl die Digitalisierung in den Tod mehrerer Plattenfirmen im In-und Ausland geführt hat, gibt es auch Beispiele für diejenigen, die sich aus der Asche zu erheben scheinen. Dazu gehört das Schweizer Label Trepok Rec."

Eiko : I Feel Pregnant Today

Luzerner Zeitung
"I feel pregnant today" is a gem and outshines many hip electonic records. A fierce, unadorned musical work that rips sounds and language out of their contexts, but reaches into the most tender depths, as well. (Lucerne Newspaper)

"Hektische Knisterbeats, zerhäckselte Elektrosound und eine charismatische Stimme, die zwischen Verletzlichkeit und rabiater Wut oszilliert: Die Musik von Eiko verzückt und verstört."

Beat Kennel, Bazillus Zürich
“Ein Gefälle von Emotionen zwischen nordischer Melancholie und elektrisierendem Wahnsinn.’’

Nitin Sawhney, musician, producer, UK
“working with eiko can make you addicted to that kind of pure energy. sometimes she scares the shit out of me while being on stage. powerful and strong. Then she turns off her laptop and becomes that very kind person again.”

Aito Takeshi - Overdeadends EP

La Opinión
"Ohhh Yeeaahh!" - it was the mental exclamation that I had while listening Overdeadends EP for days. One of the best electronic works that I have listened in my life. Without a doubt Aito Takeshi is of another planet. Very, very recommended."