Bit-Tuner lives and works in Zurich, where he has been producing cinematic sable downbeat arrangements with a fleet consisting of analogue gadgetries since 1997. Works emerge due to his severe affinity to fieldrecording and the sampling of old records. Thus he obtain great recognition both in Switzerland and abroad.

His latest Release „Low-Speed Detonation“ lifts the total value of Bit-Tuner into the limelight.
Sarah says: „Your music is orgasmic dude!“ and is referring to the edged
humming blasting waves, which regularly lead to vibrating abdomens and
collective hysteria at his live shows. After experiencing his concerts it’s clear
that there‘s much more to expect than raggedly assembled electronic compositions. What we're talking about here are intravenous injecions of basses and bassdrums. In this vein he demonstrated his commitment next to artists like Saul Williams, Chicks On Speed, Sole and the Skyriderband, Norbert Möslang, Jel or Dälek.

The Cover and the musical atmospheres of "Low-Speed Detonation" point out parallels to the horror visions of John Carpenter and David Cronenberg. With his music Bit-Tuner captivates these sentiments and injects them into the presence. At night he carries them into the streets. Blood is thereby just a colour. Nonetheless, appearing in the Clubs later, the hysteria, raised by the threatening towers he builds up and smashed down in conjunction with his public, is unfeigned.

Bit-Tuner - Drome EP
Trepok Rec. May 2011

Bit-Tuner - Low-Speed Detonation
Trepok Rec. December 2009

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