Bit-Tuner Full Bass Bonus Videoclip Premiere @DEADMAGAZINE (D)
11 AM 17 August 2011

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Eiko WESTZEIT Review (D)
12 August 2011

"Richtig spannend wird es mit "Crocodile"(Trepok Rec.) von der zwischen Oslo und Zürich pendelnden MelanchoBrachialElektronikerin EIKO. Manchmal fast wie eine wütende Björk , dann wieder versöhnlich und zuweilen auch nordisch-düster gibt es hier in einer guten halben Stunde mehr zu entdecken als auf vielen (längeren) CDs arrivierter Artisten."

Bit-Tuner Interview Deadmagazine (D)
17 July 2011

Knowbotic Research feat. aito
12 July 2011

dear friends,

listen to kotomisi – non essential mix vol 1
kotomisi – non essential mix Vol 1 by Karl TheKnife

this work is a diagram of performative inventions, audio pieces, radio tracks, vj sets
which dis/close clothes, foldings, ornament and voice

Kotomisi will be exhibit at :

Connect. Kunst zwischen Medien und Wirklichkeit


Ausstellung: 14. Juli – 11. September 2011
Spezialprogramm am 3. September 2011, 19 - 2h (Lange Nacht der Museen Zürich)

the moscow biennale


The biennale will be held September 22 – October 30, 2011

Gallarte, Museu Maga Italy

September 25, 2011

DROME EP Review Chain DLK
25 June 2011

The petrified stern face standing out on the cover artwork’s makes resurface to my mind one of the most iconic fictional character of the notorios L.Frank Baum’s Oz books I used to read when I was a little child, the Nome King, so that my mind started to find any possible similarities out with this astonishing proof of sound ballistics by the Swiss producer Marcel Gschwend aka Bit-Tuner and the fearful antagonist of Oz villains! Even if I cannot be sure Marcel doesn’t like eggs (if you’ve seen the Disney movie adaptation of that story, you’ll arguably remember the Nome King was killed by an egg, laid by Billina, the nuisance-hen Dorothy accidentally brought in Oz during his second travel in the emerald city!), his style, a juicy hybridization of ill-bient, booming dubstep and experimental hip hop, sounds rocky like the cells of any gnome and dim like the obscure underground hollows where they use to dwell. Another feature of this stony civilization consists of their habit of hiding jewels. Well, this could be undoubtedly a controversial point as you’ll unlikely deny his skills in melting styles in a turgidly psychedelic way by mining authentic gold from previously drilled soils (especially in gorgeous tracks such as Traffic, Anger or Dizzer – what a guessed title! -), but you’ll notice Bit-Tuner is inclined to bury the nice harmonics he assembles with layers and layers of heavyweight basslines or thrilling samples (I appreciated the sci-fi nuances of tracks such as the final Full Bass Bonus or the clocking abrasive dubstep of Nuclear Silence). Really bewitching stuff, which is potentially going to daze the listener…especially if related to some Oz stupidly happy villain!

Review by: Vito Camarretta

Dope Crackers on Tour
06 May 2011

Image by Hula Honeys

Crocodile Review Geiger Magazine
09 April 2011

" Crocodile er ultimativt ikke så eksperimentelt, som eiko nok efterstræber, men det er alligevel en udgivelse, som skiller sig ud, fordi eiko udforsker elementer fra nordisk electronica, som fortolkes ud fra deres egne signifikante personligheder og således skaber noget spændende og ikke mindst relaterbart. (..) "

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Bit-Tuner live@perla
31 March 2011

Happy Birthday!

Eiko - Crocodile
14 February 2011

Yes folks, the "Eiko - Crocodile" album is soon upon us!
Your ears and eyes now pricked, what can you expect from this release and Eiko in the future ?

Crocodile sounds like an afro shaolin's answer to slash - u can expect an ideoplastic voyage into shifty beats, luscious electronica atmosphere and nordic melodies. Futuristic soundscapes with a dash of Basswalls, the occasional vocal of joana aderi and a nodding acquaintance with downbeat, disco and pop (Swedish division) come together to make an album that stands distinctively and proudly on its own.

whilst answering that question of what might happen if you threw Björk, Darkstar, Aphex Twin and maybe even PJ Harvey in a room together and they came back out with something eminently listenable and, heck, good.

the singer joana aderi continues to explore and combine elements blending a wide range of her voice.

Joana Aderi (electronics, voice) and drummer Patrik Zosso started as experimental noise explorers in 2004. Meanwhile they have reached a fabulous harmonic country with beautiful melodies and a heart beat of rhythm. eiko is touring internationally since 2006 (Denmark, USA, Sweden, Norway, Slowenia, the Netherlands, Germany)

Musicians who collaborated with this project:
Joana Aderi (Electronics / Voice)
Patrik Zosso (Drums)
Marianne Halmrast (ContraBass)
Bit-Tuner (Mixing / Producing)

"Eiko / Crocodile"
Album will be released as cd and digital download on the 14th March 2011 by Trepok Rec.

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Bit-Tuner - DROME EP Mastering NYC
17 February 2011

The upcoming Bit-Tuner EP "DROME" just mastered today at engine room audio new york.. The place where shit like reakwon "only build for cuban linx pt.II", the killers, immortal technique, 50 cent or tha little kylie minogue stuff happend bust that shit hay.." EPIC

Bit-Tuner live@zebulon
13 February 2011